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Clery Fence Co. Meeting Standard of Excellent Service (click to read)

Clery Fence Co. Meeting Standard of Excellent Service

From privacy to Homeland Security, Brian Clery and his staff cover a variety of fencing needs. At Clery Fence Co., a tradition of excellent customer service has carried the business through 16 years.  Today, what began as a one-man endeavor at Clery’s home is now a major fencing operation at 1430 Johnson St. in Dansville. “We cover pretty much anything and everything in fencing,” said Clery. “We are very service-oriented and the people that we work with are too.”
Clery Fence Co. provides and installs fencing of any kind in neighborhoods and at major businesses – like Midway Airport in Chicago, where they provided security fencing with automated access to assist the airport in meeting federal guidelines. While those types of jobs have become more prevalent since Sept. 11, 2001, Clery said residential fencing still makes up 65 percent of the company’s business. With a staff of 10 to 15 professionals, Clery said the company doesn’t work with sub-contractors, but rather completes every project themselves.  That’s because employees want to make sure customers get what they ask for. “Sub-contracted labor, you don’t have as much control,” explained Clery. “And a sub-contractor is going to hurry through the job because they are getting paid hourly.”
Clery Fence Co. is also a member of the American Fencing Association, which requires that its members maintain a code of ethics.  In addition, they offer several maintenance-free products that carry life-time warranties. Clery said solid work has helped his company come as far as it has in a very competitive market. “A good quality product and good quality installation takes you a long way,” he said. “People like to get what they pay for.” Luckily, that philosophy has helped make Clery Fence Co. successful, and as the company braces for spring they are prepared for their busiest time of the year – April through November. “People are still doing home improvement,” said Clery. “They’re shopping a little harder for their dollar, but overall the last few years we’ve had a good few years.” Clery said they offer customers honest service and good advice about what type of fencing will best suit their needs. “We can help them as far as providing assistance,” he said. “You talk to a real person when you call us and when we come out we give them a product that best suits their needs.”
Clery Fence Co. is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday.  Some appointments are --made on weekends.  The business can be reached at 517-623-6910

The Faces Behind The Places

The Faces Behind The Places

The Community Marketplace Business of the Month

Quality workmanship, attention to detail, and personal assistance throughout the entire project.  These are the attributes of service most people look to receive with any major home improvement project.  These are the qualities that Brian Clery founded Clery Fence Company on 20 years ago. After 25 years of learning the trade of fence construction, Brian felt that quality and service were being compromised in an effort to push more jobs.  It was then that the life-time Dansville area resident took a leap of faith and started his own fencing company, Clery Fence.  “I saw a need that wasn’t being met locally, so I decided to go into business for myself.”
Since its conception out of Brian’s home, Clery Fence has grown to include 10 employees with an office showroom located in downtown Dansville.  All together the team of veteran installers boasts over 75 years of experience in fence construction and do all the work themselves.  “We don’t use subcontractors.  We like to keep things personal, making sure customers get what they need and need what they get.  With subcontracted labor you lose contact with the customer, making it difficult to assure that their satisfied.  Besides, everyone here is fully equipped to finish any fence.”
The qualified veteran staff, quality product and service, and facility of equipment also allowed Clery Fence membership into the American Association.  The AFA holds its member to a particularly high standard of excellence and ethics.  Whether installing security fences for businesses or residents, or constructing decorative surround fences for neighborhood backyards, Clery Fence Co. has built a solid reputation locally and beyond.  Their portfolio of construction jobs includes such major projects as Chicago’s Midway Airport, Oakland County Airport, and the USDA Poultry Center for Disease Control Facilities, where they provided automated security fencing designed to meet Federal Homeland Security guidelines.
Working on a foundation of quality workmanship and service Clery’s company has continued to grow through word of mouth and frequent customer referrals.  “A good quality product, honest service and advice, and quality installation can go long way,” said Clery.  With 18 years of success based on this philosophy, their reputation speaks for itself.
Visit the Clery Fence Co. showroom at 1430 Johnson St. in Dansville.  See their ad on page 15 for more information on products and services.

Shop Carefully for Quality Fencing

Shop Carefully for Quality Fencing
Well installed, quality fencing can provide your property with beauty, privacy and security. Unfortunately, low quality materials or poorly installed fencing will detract substantially from your home or business appearance and could even pose a potential liability problem. 
How did you make the right decision as a consumer?
In order to plan your fence wisely, decided exactly what functions your fence should perform.  What are your priorities? Fences can provide security, safely contain children or pets, enclose pools or tennis courts, enhance and accent the landscape of your property, screen a less desirable view, reduce traffic noise, and provide privacy.  Ask your contractor for ideas and listen to his or her opinion.  No two fence installations are the same in dimension or land contour.  An experienced salesperson will be able to give advice on certain aspects that many homeowners overlook.
  • Installation: Where should your fence be located?
  • Property Lines: Will you need a survey?
  • Height: Will your fence provide the privacy and security that you desire? Will it contain your children or pets?
  • Gates: How many will you need? What size? Where should they be located?
Price should be your least concern in purchasing a fence.  It is important to think in terms of value rather than price.  Good fencing, properly installed will last for many years.  Quality pays in the long run.  A reputable fencing contractor will give you a detailed estimate in writing, specifying the materials to be used. The best materials are only as good as the contractor who installs them.  The best choice is a company with a good track record, and American Fence Association member, and a company which can not only provide references, but direct you to jobs completed so that you can see an example of their work.  A reputable fence dealer is putting his/her reputation on the line each time a job is completed.  Select carefully and your fence will be one of the best investments you make for your home. Be a smart shopper and ask questions.  Educate yourself before selecting a fence contractor.  Here are a few things to consider.
Who will be installing the fence? Are they the company’s own employees or are they subcontractors? How much fencing experience do they have?

Ask to see current certificates of insurance for workman’s comp and liability (These protect you, the homeowner, should an employee be injured on the job)

Sales Tax
Does the price on the estimate include sales tax? (When comparing estimates make sure both are including tax so you don’t get a surprise when the final bill comes.) Materials being used Estimates for wood fence should include:
  • Type of wood being used
  • Size of Posts
  • Rails and Boards

Estimates for Chain Link should include:
  • Gauge of Wire
  • Size of Posts (Line posts and terminal posts)
  • Thickness of Posts
  • Is it Galvanized of Vinyl Coated?

  • Are the posts set in concrete?
  • If yes, is it Mixed Concrete or just dry?
  • RediMix poured around the post
  • What size are the footings?
  • Depth?
  • Diameter?

  • Gas, Electric, Phone, Cable, Sewer.
  • Where are they located and will proposed fence conflict with them?
All these things are very important when considering the purchase of your new fence.  The most important point to remember is that you are the one who must be satisfied with the end result, now and in the years to come.  There is no acceptable alternative to installing quality materials with knowledgeable and experienced installers when you hard earned dollars are at stake.

American Fence Association
AFA-member contractors are experienced and knowledgeable in all segments of the fence business.  We are committed to a code of ethics and a standard of excellence that ensure quality workmanship.

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